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Because of unprecedented growth, we’re expanding our company with new products and we’re growing fast!  With the right people, we’re convinced the next few years will be an exciting growth phase. To meet this challenge, we’re looking for a Staff Writer.

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Reverse Logistics Associate

The Reverse Logistics Associate at FCP Euro is responsible for performing all basic reverse logistics functions at the minimum standard pace and for hitting critical timelines. This associate is responsible for helping to process returns accurately, timely, in the most cost effective way while ensuring customer satisfaction. This person is responsible for processing product both back to inventory locations and to vendor return bins with accuracy and optimization of space. You will be working with and communicating to your team on a constant basis for optimal workflow throughout the day to ensure efficient pace of operations, accuracy and to avoid bottlenecks. You are responsible for hitting all critical milestones and key performance indicators.

  • Opening returns packages with a mind for confirming products, brands, part numbers and quantities, the nature of each return, and all pertinent customer info and order history.

  • Re-stocking inventory in good condition and in proper locations.

  • Keeping the work space organized and clean.

  • Meeting or Exceeding Individual and Departmental Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Communication to Management about departmental issues and efficiency of processes.

  • Developing Healthy Cross Departmental Collaboration and Relations

Success from a Reverse Logistics Associate Perspective

I come into work everyday with a positive attitude and demeanor. I am ready to perform at or above a set standard pace and hit my daily KPIs. I will be successful when I can and actively preform all my mandated hire functions with accuracy, order and cleanliness. I will be successful when I have a firm grasp of how the entire business model works and how the reverse logistics department fits into the larger distribution center. Although I may be hired to the reverse logistics department, I am also prepared and able to transition as needed into any or all functions within the DC. I may be asked to help the inventory team with re-organization functions. I may be asked to actively pick and audit orders ensuring accuracy with picking, item number, quantity and brand to meet customer expectations. I may also be required to pack orders for shipping and ensure correct corrugated sizes and proper packing material is being used and that label manifestation matches order destination. I am actively finding ways to improve processes for cost savings and to increase productivity and communicating these ideas to my manager.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Accuracy and Efficiently Processing Customer Returns

Responsible for opening customer returns packages and meeting daily critical timelines. Responsible for ensuring that items which are returned to FCP Euro accurately match with the customer's order history and with the corresponding paperwork that accompany these returns. Responsible for filing the corresponding paperwork in the right location so that the person crediting the customer can clearly understand how to process the proper credit amount to the customer. Responsible for re-packaging and salvation of all new product so that it can be re-stocked or sent back to FCP Euro's vendors for return. Responsible for ensuring that inventory is processed accurately, efficiently, and presented in a manner using space optimization. Responsible for keeping and maintaining a work area that remains free of clutter. Responsible for disposal of warranty items through scrap and reclamation processes. Responsible for helping with the Return to Vendor process as necessary. Responsible for voicing all issues, concerns, patterns and trends to my manager.

Success: Success is when you are able to open and identify all customer returns with a minimum standard pace and accordance to procedures. When the people processing customer credits can clearly understand all items, quantities and the nature of items returned to FCP which you have opened. When all new inventory is reintegrated back into stock in good condition and proper location, or it is placed on return to vendors shelving. When all warranty and scrap items have been properly identified, logged and disposed of. When the work area is kept free of clutter and each day's returns process is completed in entirety. When you are able to consistently identify and communicate all return related issues and present possible solutions to the manager.

Organization, Supplies & Cleanliness

Must help maintain cleanliness in the reverse logistics area. This will mean at times using pallet jacks to move bins, disposing of cardboard boxes into the baler, taking out trash to the dumpster, and disposing of scrap inventory. We ask you to actively seek ways to improve and optimize space and to keep a clean and safe environment.

Success: Success is when I ensure the area is free of garbage, boxes and debris on a daily basis. Success is when the Executive Team and their guests walk through the area and will be impressed. Success is when each new workday starts with a clean and neat work space because the preceding day's cleanup was taken care of.

Meeting or Exceeding Individual and Departmental KPIs

You will be responsible for meeting or exceeding individual KPIs on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis. You are expected to excel in attitude, teamwork, ownership, productivity and the reduction of errors. FCP Euro expects you to ensure that returns are processed accurately and timely which will meet customer expectations. You will be responsible for stocking inventory out properly and accurately and following processes and procedures. We expect you to take ownership of and to be responsible for helping the overall reverse logistics accuracy rate.

Success: Success is when I am rated by my team consistently above a five in attitude, teamwork and ownership. It is when I follow processes and procedures accurately. It is when I can identify and present viable alternative processes and procedures to my manager. It is when I meet or exceed my weekly performance targets. It is when I work to minimize customer facing and inventory related errors.

Communication to Management

Responsible for clear, concise, respectful and professional communication with my Leads, Floor Supervisor, Manager, Management Team and Executives whether in person, on the phone, email or live chat in compliance to the FCP Euro framework and reporting structure.

Success: Success is when I have developed a rapport, trust and relationship with all parties involved both clearly and professionally. I have the ability to convey challenges to my superiors and that those challenges are then delivered by my manager in the management huddle. Success is when I can identify and communicate problems and solutions to Management.

Developing a Healthy Cross Departmental Collaboration and Relations

The Reverse Logistics Associate is responsible for improving productivity cross departmentally within the DC and with other key departments such as Customer Service, Catalog, and Fulfillment. You are expected to mine for and to discover issues and solvable trends and patterns. You will be responsible for remaining in constant communication with your Lead, Supervisor and Manager and to actively maintaining these relationships with clear, concise, and professional communication in accordance with the FCP Euro framework and reporting structure.

Success: Success is when I am able to work seamlessly with the other departments in the DC. It happens when I can work with Customer Service, Products, Catalog and Order Fulfillment in ways to improve FCP Euro's overall efficiency.

Job Requirements and Work Experience

We expect you to have prior experience and knowledge in the automotive field and industry. You are expected to be able to identify auto parts and their functions on vehicles.

At times, you will need to lift packages in excess of 60 lbs.


$15 to $17 per hour dependent on qualifications

We look forward to hearing from you!