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Since 1986, FCP Euro has become the leading online catalog store for OEM and Genuine replacement parts for European cars. Check out our website www.fcpeuro.com.

Because of unprecedented growth, we’re expanding our company with new products and we’re growing fast!  With the right people, we’re convinced the next few years will be an exciting growth phase. To meet this challenge, we’re looking for a Purchasing Manager

What's the culture and personality at FCP Euro?

At FCP Euro, we’re not just the usual corporate jargon. We're big on hiring for chemistry, fit, CULTURE, and compatibility and then teaching the appropriate skills for each position. The FCP Euro culture is huge!

Right now we’re in one of the most exciting growth phases in our history. You’re going to feel that urgency, fast pace, and energy if you become part of the FCP family. Everyone has an opportunity to grow with us, especially people who show entrepreneurial spirit, ambition, and smarts.

Purchasing Manager

The Purchasing Manager is responsible for managing and overseeing the entire purchasing process, employees, GPM, and inventory composition.  They have extensive knowledge of the European Vehicle Community and develop relationships with key industry players and are responsible for the following areas:

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Develop, Plan, and Execute Overall Strategy for the Department

The purchasing manager at FCP is responsible working with the leadership and executive team to create a rolling 5 year vision.  This vision and plan are in alignment with the overall company strategy and ties close to other departmental strategies.  They are also responsible for benchmarking daily, weekly, quarterly and annual progress versus plan.

Develop, Plan, and Execute Overall Budget for the Department

The purchasing manager is responsible for working with the leadership and executive team to develop and operating budget for the department.  This is to include all key numbers for the business - headcount model, margin forecast, estimated annual vendor spend, inventory levels and projections.  

Manage, Train, and Develop all Purchasing Employees

The purchasing manager at FCP is responsible for the development and management of all Purchasing team members including scheduling, performance management and evaluation, training and development, recruitment, offboarding, and long term career planning.  

Manage and Optimize all Purchasing Processes

The purchasing manager at FCP is responsible for managing, overseeing, optimizing, and improving all of the purchasing processes at FCP.    

Risk Identification and Mitigation

The purchasing manager at FCP is responsible for reducing FCP’s exposure across all purchasing related and supply chain functions.  You are responsible for creating and implementing product supply agreements with our vendors as well as identifying and knowing of any risks associated from the vendors and regions we are purchasing from.  You are making sure that no counterfeit goods enter our DC or get sent to FCP’s customers.  You are also responsible for monitoring the fluctuations in various currencies and making purchasing decisions and recommendations based on current market conditions.

Key Metric and Critical Number Reporting

The Purchasing Manager at FCP is responsible for first defining and then monitoring and measuring all key critical numbers across all the purchasing functions; inventory levels, sku classifications, drop shipments, sku margin, and company gross profit margin daily.  The manager ensures that a detailed summary is sent out to the company on a daily and weekly basis reporting on both financial performance and operating performance.  The purchasing manager is also responsible for looking at the all key metrics and making recommendations and improvements.  

Create, Develop, and Strengthen Relationships with Vendors

The purchasing manager at FCP is responsible for developing, strengthening and  fostering relationships with all of FCP’s vendors as well as key players in our industry.  You are constantly striving to improve current relationships and build new ones.  You are able to communicate and resolve all vendor related issues effectively and efficiently.  You are always working with our vendors to develop mutually beneficial situations in which both companies can benefit.  You are attending industry related events to foster and develop relations with key players in our Import Vehicle Community.

Inventory Health and Composition

The purchasing manager at FCP is responsible for the overall inventory health and overall inventory composition at FCP.  The purchasing manager is responsible for keeping the correct inventory in stock while reducing the exposure on inventory that has stopped selling or has been returned to our vendors.  You are responsible for making sure that we are not relying our vendors for cover stock and our shipments are showing up in a timely manner.

Developing Healthy Horizontal Cross Departmental Collaboration

The purchasing manager is responsible for fostering cross departmental collaboration amongst all departments at FCP.  They are responsible for having the team work with marketing for sales and promotions, the service team for training, the product team and manager for information regarding new products and lines, with finance to coordinate vendor payments and terms, as well as the DC for coordinating delivery and receipt of purchase orders.


The FCP Purchasing Manager position offers a salary range of $75,000 - $110,000

Stuff that could give you an edge

  • You have prior purchasing experience
  • Extensive network of automotive parts suppliers and vendors
  • Car enthusiasts specifically European
  • Strong computer skills
  • Ability to manage large data sets using excel/access/or sql
  • You have an engaging personality and your glass is "always half full"
  • Growth and learning mindset, adaptable and flexible

Contact us here if you are interested, but please don't just send your resume. Sure, we're curious where you've been, but we've seen thousands of them and they seldom tell the story. Instead, help us get to know more about you, the person. What makes you unique? Why would we make a huge mistake not hiring you? You get the point. No applications will be considered without a personalized cover letter expressing why you would like to work at FCP Euro, what transferable skills you have from previous experience that could be applied to this organization, what makes you unique, and where you think you can add value to the organization.

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Please note, no applications will be reviewed without a personalized cover letter.