Outbound manager

The Outbound manager at FCP is responsible for developing and planning the structure and operations of all outbound activity from FCP’s distribution center. The outbound manager plans, leads, organizes, controls, and improves all outbound functions. The outbound manager ensures all orders are processed accurately, timely and most cost effective way ensuring customer satisfaction. Responsible for hitting all critical milestones and key performance indicators at an accuracy rate of 99% or higher.

  • Management of all Outbound Processes
  • Management of all Outbound Employees
  • Accuracy, Efficiency, and Quality of Outbound Fulfillment
  • Reduction of Outbound Costs as Percentage of Sales
  • Shipping Carrier Negotiation and Management
  • Organization, Structure, Cleanliness, and Supplies of Outbound
  • Outbound Process and Key Metric Improvements
  • Critical Number Establishment Reporting for all Outbound Processes
  • Develop and Maintain Relationships with Vendors
  • Communication to Management
  • Developing Healthy Cross Departmental Collaboration and Relations

Success: I come into work everyday with a positive attitude and demeanor, expecting to coordinate my team of pickers and packers for optimal order fulfillment. As a manager my numbers one priority is to evaluate all outbound processes and implement improvements to make the outbound processes at FCP efficient and lowering overall costs, while working hands on with my direct reports daily to understand their challenges and help them perform their jobs more effectively. I set the pace for work and performance and actively encourage and enforce those standards.

I ensure that packing reconciliation is complete before the first print of the day, we run and stack prints on time daily according to the schedule for optimal order flow, and all pickers and packers are performing at set standard pace and hitting their individual key performance indicators. I actively audit orders for picking accuracy by brand and quantity to meet customer expectations. I audit orders for packing to ensure correct corrugated sizes are being used, proper void fill usage, correct label manifestation matches the order and that economy shipments were price shopped for most effective cost savings.

I find trends and patterns pickers for training and development. I am actively finding ways to improve the pick pack processes for cost savings and to increase productivity. I recognize and report order manifestation issues to Customer Service with recommendations on process improvements and additional training. I work directly with Purchasing to understand the order fulfillment process and plan accordingly.   

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Management of All Outbound Processes

Responsible for coordinating resources of pickers and packers for optimal productivity and order fulfillment. In charge of printing and distributing order prints through 5pm each day. Responsible to ensure that all pickers and packers are performing at set standard pace hitting daily targets as well as individual key performance indicators. Ensure that packing reconciliation is completed nightly along with all post back procedures. Success is when the pickers are at a minimum average of 140 lines per hour and the packers are at a pace of 25 orders per hour. Ensuring that orders picked, packed and scanned are being audited and reported on daily.

Success: Success is when all daily processes and procedures have been refined and optimized to increase productivity and save cost. It is when all orders are printed through end of day and leave the facility accurately ensuring customer satisfaction. It is when the allocated resources are used properly to even work load.

Management of All Outbound Employees

The Outbound manager is responsible for the management of all outbound employees including scheduling, performance management, scheduling, training and development, recruiting, offboarding, and long term career planning.

Success: All outbound employees have a clear 1. Job description and clear 2. employment level position that defines success, and accurately and routinely assessed through a clear quantitative management system. There is proper scheduling that ensures coverage over holiday and PTO. The outbound manager has low turnover and demonstratives ability to hire A players and challenge them.

Accuracy, Efficiency and Quality of Outbound Fulfillment

Responsible for ensuring that picked orders are accurately processed verifying brand and quality of item packaging making recommendations to the Inventory and Purchasing Lead. Responsible for auditing orders picked, how they are packed ensuring proper box size used, proper void fill levels and correct shipping methods used.

Success: Success is when all orders leave the facility accurately. It is when orders are not only picked accurately but the quality of packaging is inspected to ensure customer satisfaction. It is when each shipment is packed and shipped with the most cost effective methods. Success is when the pickers are at a minimum average of 140 lines per hour and the packers are at a pace of 25 orders per hour.

Reduction of Outbound Costs as % of Sales

Responsible for evaluating and reducing all outbound fulfillment costs as a percentage of sales. This includes all outbound payroll, technology costs, income statement expenses such as corrugated, box supplies, tape, shipping carrier costs.

Success: When you understands and monitors all expenses on the income statement related to outbound shipping and you demonstrate the ability lower these costs as a percentage of sales without sacrificing quality of outbound shipments or customer satisfaction.

Shipping Carrier Negotiation and Management

Responsible for evaluating and managing all facets of third party shipping carriers including UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS.

Success: When you have established relationships with Shipping Carrier points of contact, demonstrative the ability to understand and analyze shipping carrier bills, including dimensional weight, accessorial fees, as well as negotiate shipping carrier contracts to reduce shipping expense as a % of sales annually.

Organization, Supplies & Cleanliness

Responsible for ordering of supplies on a weekly schedule and creating accurate stocking levels. Must maintain cleanliness of packing stations, void fill bins, envelope carts and under all rollers and picking supplies station. Actively seeking ways to improve packing stations for better efficiencies. Ensuring pickers flip bins, pull stock forward and open packaging while picking.

Success: Success is when the all employees and guests walk through the outbound area of the distribution center and are impressed. The supply areas are kept neat and tidy, consolidated daily at the close of shift. When the supplies are ordered and delivered once a week because the stocking levels are accurate. It is when we have maximized the packing station space for proper order flow.

Critical Number Establishment and Reporting

Responsible for the researching and benchmarking fulfillment productivity against comparable industries, establishing productivity and critical number benchmarks for FCP outbound employees to achieve, then tracking and reporting of all critical numbers associated with the outbound process. These include the number of orders picked and by whom, orders packed and by whom, total orders shipped. Communication of all issues, concerns, patterns and trends are done daily as discovered involving the proper parties for proper resolution.

Success: Success is when you have researched industry comparable outbound fulfillment benchmarks and set FCP’s at or above those, communicated those benchmarks to DC staff, tracking and monitors those daily, and ensure that all employees are meeting benchmarked numbers. You have replaced the current fulfillment tracker with an actual daily dashboard so productivity can be monitored and tracked easily. At the end of every day you are able to report the critical numbers of the orders picked and packed as well as individual key performance indicators.  

Process and Key Metric Improvements

Responsible for ensuring that the resources allocated to me are achieving performance targets and hitting daily milestones at an accuracy of 99% or higher. Issues and solutions are communicated to the Floor Supervisor and Manager for optimal work flow, process enhancements and cost savings.

Success: Success is when you consistently evaluate all outbound processes for efficiencies to determine a better way. You demonstrate the ability to identify bottlenecks and provide both cost and efficiency solutions to the Manager. Once you identify solutions you show the strong ability to implement changes and streamline processes. You are relentless in your pursuit on how to do things better.  

Communication to Management & Fulfillment Team

Responsible for clear, concise, respectful and professional communication with my Floor Supervisor, Manager, Management Team and Executives whether in person, on the phone, email or live chat in compliance to the FCP Framework.

Success: Success is when I have developed a rapport, trust and relationship with all parties involved both clearly and professionally with the sharpest focus on the purchasing  team and areas that directly affect the outbound fulfillment process. I have the ability to convey challenges within my daily huddle and they are delivered by my manager in the management huddle.  Success is when I identify and communicate problems to the Management and Executive team.

Developing a Healthy Cross Departmental Collaboration and Relations

The Outbound manager is responsible for improving productivity cross departmentally within the department, and with other key departments; IT, Customer Service and Products. Mining for and discovering issues, remaining in constant communication with all parties involved and scheduling routine meetings to collaborate, brainstorm and improve relationships. Actively maintains these relationships with clear, concise, and professional communication in accordance with the FCPEURO Framework.  

Success: Success is when I work seamlessly with IT, Customer Service and Products constantly improving service standards of outbound shipments to customers. Success is when we work collectively as a team to minimize issues both customer and non-customer facing, reducing bottlenecks and making improvements.    


The FCP Outbound manager position offers a salary range of $65,000 - $90,000 annually.