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Because of unprecedented growth, we’re expanding our company with new products and we’re growing fast!  With the right people, we’re convinced the next few years will be an exciting growth phase. To meet this challenge, we’re looking for a new addition.

What's the culture and personality at FCP Euro?

At FCP Euro, we’re not just the usual corporate jargon. We're big on hiring for chemistry, fit, culture, and compatibility, then focusing on the appropriate skills for each position. Here at FCP Euro our culture is huge!

Right now we’re in one of the most exciting growth phases in our history. You’re going to feel that urgency, fast pace, and energy if you become part of the FCP Euro family. Everyone has an opportunity to grow with us, especially people who show entrepreneurial spirit, ambition, and smarts.

Pricing Analyst

In the transition from over-the-counter storefront to the realm of eCommerce, FCP Euro has entered a different competitive landscape, and our online pricing requires constant analysis and restructuring to maintain a competitive edge and support an ideal SKU GPM.  The competitive pricing analyst at FCP Euro would need to be responsible for managing product pricing site-wide, maintaining a competitive pricing strategy, while keeping an optimal and sustainable product GPM.


  • Maintain FCP Euro’s competitive pricing within the marketplace
  • Monitor WoW sales velocity for pricing opportunities
  • Implementation and roll back of sale prices for holiday sales
  • Manage vendor pricing files and MAP brands
  • Report pricing fluctuations and performance
  • Maintain strategic pricing across quality tiers
  • Manage pricing in response to market requirements while maintaining optimum product GPM across all makes
  • Assess the competitive landscape and understand the brand and product allegiances of our competition
  • Manage site-wide pricing on a brand and market value level across 200K+ SKUs
  • Assess a product/brand life cycle and advise on impacts to reordering
  • Create process that can store pricing data and chart anomalies and fluctuations within a product life cycle
  • Research and provide feedback to the fulfillment & supply chain teams for potential impacts from market fluctuations and opportunities
  • Develop a scalable pricing strategy that is in alignment with company budget, taking into account up-to-date market conditions


  • Monitoring pricing fluctuations at a make, brand, and taxon level, adjusting price according to their respective pricing strategies --- building GPM, marketing initiatives (sales/promotions), catalog initiatives (new product addtitions), etc. 
  • Product lifecycle monitoring, extending SKU life and identifying areas of decline and potential growth
  • Coordinate with fulfillment team & supply chain teams and relay pertinent pricing adjustment to stocking strategies and fulfillment guidelines
  • Identify opportunities for improvements to the reordering criteria based on gathered market data


  • Identifying pricing conflicts on like components from alternate brands and products
  • Accordingly maintaining MAP pricing guidelines for all brands affected by MAP regulations
  • Maintains and adjusts clearance products and effectively makes adjustments frequently to avoid stock-outs and product sales at a loss scenario
  • Manages and identifies loss leaders that will generate new customer traffic to the site


  • SQL and/or R
  • Background in any of the following: Programming, Finance, Economics, Statistics, Math, FP&A, Merchandising
  • eCommerce experience and automotive industry knowledge preferred


Once the 60-day training plan is completed, candidate will move into an exempt position with an compensation between $62,000 and $82,000 a year.

Contact us here if you are interested, but please don't just send your resume. Sure, we're curious where you've been, but we've seen thousands of them and they seldom tell the story. Instead, help us get to know more about you, the person. What makes you unique? Why would we make a huge mistake not hiring you? You get the point. No applications will be considered without a personalized cover letter expressing why you would like to work at FCP Euro, what transferable skills you have from previous experience that could be applied to this organization, what makes you unique, and where you think you can add value to the organization.

To apply please follow the instructions above and click the link below.

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