Inventory Manager

The Inventory Manager is responsible for the management, planning, leading, organizing and controlling of all Inventory in the Hill Street Distribution Center as well as overstock inventory at our Bic Drive location. Responsibilities include:

  • Management of All Inventory Processes

  • Management of Replenishment Processes

  • Management of All Inventory Employees

  • Planning and coordinating all International Container deliveries

  • Development & Execution of Inventory & Infrastructure Layout Plan

  • Presentation, Organization & Cleanliness of Inventory

  • Maintain Accuracy, Efficiency and Quality of Inventory

  • Manage, Oversee, and Improve All Inventory Handling

  • Daily & weekly reporting of key inventory metrics

  • Communication to Inventory Director, Executive & Leadership Teams on state of Inventory

  • Developing Healthy Cross Departmental Collaboration and Relations

Duties & Responsibilities

Overall Success from an Inventory Manager’s perspective

I come into work everyday energetic and expecting to resolve underlying issues that are broken and apply insight to current trends, patterns and behavior. First thing I do is identify replenishment needs for daily outbound operations, perform (or oversee an employee performing) cycle count and zone maintenance, field errors, reconcile inventory, recognize patterns and implement process improvements throughout all departments with all Inventory handlers. I ensure that every Inventory handler understands proper procedures. I foster, execute and enforce proper procedures for all Departments company wide to ensure proper inventory handling and movement.

I discover, communicate and implement process improvements across all fronts within the company. I work directly with purchasing to understand demand planning and forecasting so I can foresee the needs of the Distribution Center over the months to come and plan accordingly with my Manager. I implement the inventory infrastructure according to the plan and vision my Manager has laid out. I consolidate duplicate locations, create new locations and maintain presentation and organization of inventory in preparation for incoming stock. I reconcile all errors and document all trends and implement my own initiated process improvements increase the overall accuracy rate of the Distribution Center. I will report all findings on a daily basis to the Distribution Director and Managers to help reconcile and alleviate future issues.

Management of All Inventory Processes

The Inventory Manager at FCP is responsible for managing all Inventory related processes including but not limited to cycle counts, zone maintenance, inventory transferring, fielding and reconciling errors, and all daily replenishment and overstock needs between 2 facilities

Success: When the Inventory Manager shows that they have full control of all inventory related processes and demonstrates a strong ability to make improvements to those inventory processes daily while putting strong handling controls in place across all FCP Euro departments to ensure the accurate handling of inventory.

Management of All Inventory Employees

The Inventory Manager is responsible for the management of all inventory employees including scheduling, performance management, performance review, scheduling, training and development, recruiting, offboarding, and long term career planning.

Success: All inventory employees have a clear 1. Job description and clear 2. employment level position that defines success, and accurately and routinely assessed through a clear quantitative management system. There is proper scheduling that ensures coverage over holiday and PTO. The Inventory Manager has low turnover and demonstratives ability to recruit top talent and challenge them.

Presentation, Organization, & Cleanliness of Inventory

The Inventory Manager is responsible for the presentation, organization, and cleanliness of FCP Euro’s distribution center inventory. Responsible for ensuring all Stock and JIT locations are optimized for space, layout and product type. Locations have been consolidated, are front faced, labels are accurate and orderly, and all locations are free of debris and packing material. Actively schedules and completes the zone maintenance process across all DC zones.

Success: When every aisle is clean, space has been optimized, and there is no debris or loose boxes on the shelves. It is when all locations have gone thru zone maintenance weekly and the entire DC is in optimal operational health and presentable and safe for all visitors.

Maintain Accuracy, Efficiency and Quality of Inventory

Responsible for ensuring that all inventory on FCP Euro’’s shelves is accurate and in our system. You are responsible for coordinating the daily cycle counts and making sure that the entire facility is cycled every 30-60 days. You are responsible for working with team members to identify items that need to be sent back to the vendor that we no longer want to stock. You are responsible for looking at the inventory composition and making changes to the locations of inventory to optimize our picking process.

Success: When the Distribution inventory accuracy rate is at 99% or higher. It is when the inventory system indicates that we have a part and quantity on the shelf, that it is always there. It is when we always have the brand we list on the website as the brand on our shelf. Success is when all of the high velocity moving SKU’s have been optimized for the picking process and we do not have any unwarranted duplicate locations.

Manage, Oversee, and Improve All Inventory Handling

Responsible for ensuring that all inventory procedures and processes have been documented and that all departments have access and training on these procedures and processes. Responsible for training and retraining of those that handle inventory interdepartmentally and company wide. Communicate with department heads on those that needs assistance in inventory handling. Consistently recommending and implementing process improvements for all inventory handling.

Success: When you have fully documented all inventory handling procedures clearly and concisely. It is when you can recognize patterns and trends and implement process improvements throughout all departments pertaining to anyone touching the inventory. You ensure that everyone touching inventory understands the proper procedures and is fully trained. You discover, communicate, and implement process improvements across all fronts within the company which in turn increasing accuracy and efficiencies.

Critical Number Establishment and Reporting

Responsible for establishing inventory performance benchmarks including accuracy rate, error rates, and any other key performance indicators for all inventory processes and inventory personnel including Returns. Once critical numbers are established, the Inventory Manager is responsible for tracking and developing reporting across all inventory related processes; cycle counts, returns processing, Stock and JIT receiving, outbound miss picks and short ships. Vendor errors and issues related to guidelines will also be tracked and reported against.

Success: Success is when you have established a healthy number of key performance indicators related to inventory, have developed a system and dashboard to track key performance numbers daily for both processes and people that you oversee, and you communicate those key numbers effectively daily to the company.


The Inventory Manager position offers a salary range of $50,000 to $75,000


  • Prior inventory management experience

  • Prior departmental & employee management experience

  • Car enthusiast- specifically European Cars

  • Strong planning & organizational skills6

  • Strong leadership and motivational skills

  • You have an engaging personality and your glass is "always half full"

  • Growth and learning mindset, adaptable and flexible

  • Strong Excel knowledge

  • Strong people skills