Inbound Manager

The Inbound Manager at FCP is responsible for developing and planning the structure and operations of all inbound Stock & JIT activity from FCP’s distribution center. The Inbound Manager plans, leads, organizes, controls, and improves all inbound stock functions including Stock and JIT. The Inbound Manager ensures all inventory is organized, received accurately, timely and most cost effective way.

  • Management of JIT Process
  • Management of Stock Process
  • Management of all Inbound Employees
  • Accuracy, Efficiency, and Quality of Inbound JIT & Stock
  • Reduction of Inbound Costs as Percentage of Sales
  • Organization, Structure, & Cleanliness JIT & Stock
  • Inbound Process and Key Metric Improvements
  • Critical Number Establishment Reporting for all Inbound Processes
  • Develop and Maintain Relationships with Vendors
  • Communication to Management
  • Developing Healthy Cross Departmental Collaboration and Relations

Success: I come into work everyday with a positive attitude and demeanor, communicating with purchasing and other distribution center managers/directors to identify top priorities for the day as well as allocation of resources. As the inbound manager numbers one priority is to ensure that all inbound inventory is received on shelf as quickly and accurately as possible making sure that no inventory sits more than 24 hours without being received in the facility.

As the inbound manager one of my other top priorities is to evaluate all inbound processes and implement improvements to make the inbound processes at FCP efficient and lowering overall costs, while working hands on with my direct reports daily to understand their challenges and help them perform their jobs more effectively. I set the pace for work and performance and actively encourage and enforce those standards.

I am actively finding ways to improve the inbound stock and JIT process for cost savings and to increase productivity. I recognize and report vendor errors and discrepancies to purchasing with recommendations and suggestions for improvement. I work directly with purchasing/inventory coordinator to understand the demand planning forecasting, purchase order schedules, and composition of inventory that is coming into the facility.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Management of JIT Process

Responsible for managing  and ensuring the daily JIT process is done in a timely and effective manner. This covers the inventory handling and processing accuracy, meeting daily timelines, and reporting on any issues.  All issues, concerns, patterns and trends must be reported on and communicated to the Purchasing Lead as well as the Manager.

Success: Success is when I have prioritized and processed all daily inbound JIT merchandise into the facility. I have audited the JIT pick locations for accuracy and confirmed pick up of all pending daily vendor returns.  When I leave for the day; all small package JIT and same day delivery inventory has been processed in full making the final end of day order manifest.  I am actively tracking all inbound JIT deliveries for timeliness, ensuring resources are adjusted as needed to hit intraday milestones.  I am communicating with all interested parties to identify and resolve daily errors, issues and inefficiencies.

Management of Stock Process

Responsible for managing, coordinating, prioritizing and completing inbound stock in accordance with the scheduled timeline.  Ensuring that stock inventory is processed accurately, efficiency, as well as the presentation and space optimization while stocking out. All issues, concerns, patterns and trends must be reported on and communicated to the Purchasing and Inventory Lead as well as the Manager.

Success: Success is when you have prioritized and processed all inbound stock into the facility.  When you leave for the day all small package stock has been completed and all pallets from the previous day have been put away.  You are actively tracking all inbound stock shipments and anticipating and planning for their arrival.  It is when you are able to consistently communicate all stock related issues and present solutions to the Purchasing and Inventory Leads and Manager.

Management of All Inbound Employees

The Inbound Manager is responsible for the management of all inbound employees including scheduling, performance management, scheduling, training and development, recruiting, offboarding, and long term career planning.

Success: All inbound employees have a clear 1. Job description and clear 2. employment level position that defines success, and accurately and routinely assessed through a clear quantitative management system. There is proper scheduling that ensures coverage over holiday and PTO. The Inbound Manager has low turnover and demonstratives ability to hire A players and challenge them.

Accuracy, Efficiency and Quality of Inbound JIT & Stock

Responsible for accurately processing all stock & JIT inventory received into the DC.  Also responsible for developing and training all procedures involved in the stock put away process.  You are in charge of the resources allocated to you on a daily basis to ensure that they are working to performance standards.

Success: Success is when you can oversee, coordinate, maintain and improve all JIT & Stock inventory processes, procedures and guidelines. You ensure that all PO’s are processed at an 99% accuracy rate covering brand, qty, price and location all in accordance with the daily timeline and associated critical milestones.  

Reduction of Inbound Costs as % of Sales

Responsible for evaluating and reducing all inbound fulfillment costs as a percentage of sales. This includes all inbound payroll, technology costs, income statement expenses, and infrastructure.

Success: When you understands and monitors all expenses on the income statement related to inbound processing and you demonstrate the ability lower these costs as a percentage of sales without sacrificing quality of inbound processing.

Organization, Structure, & Cleanliness JIT & Stock

Responsible for the organization, structure and cleanliness of all inbound stocking areas including JIT and Stock inventory. The Inbound manager is responsible for fixing and communicating bottlenecks, space allocation issues and future problematic zones to the Inventory Manager  Ensuring that Stock and JIT locations are optimized during the put away process, locations are front faced, blister packs are opened and bins are neat and tidy. All aisles are cleared of debris, old packaging is discarded and aisles have been thoroughly swept. Remaining stock is neatly staged in preparation for the next day and all daily paperwork was date stamped and filed according to Vendor.  The vendor bins are to be staged at the dock for the morning pick up and all recycled bags stocked. Daily paperwork was date stamped and filed according to Vendor.

Success: Success is when all JIT locations and aisles have been properly utilized based on space, size and quantity. It is when the area is clean each night before the close and all void fill, cardboard, vendor bins, and waste has been properly allocated or discarded.  Success is when all paperwork for the day has been filed properly.

Success is when all stocking inventory zones have been properly utilized based on space, size and reordering quantity.   It is when you have identified problems and implement your own solutions to both Purchasing and Inventory managers. Stock locations have been optimized for picking process.  You ensure that my area is clean each night before the close and all pallets, cardboard, and waste has been properly allocated.

Inbound Critical Number Establishment and Reporting

Responsible for the researching and benchmarking fulfillment productivity against comparable industries, establishing productivity and critical number benchmarks for FCP inbound employees to achieve, then tracking and reporting of all critical numbers associated with the inbound process. These include the number of orders picked and by whom, orders packed and by whom, total orders shipped. Communication of all issues, concerns, patterns and trends are done daily as discovered involving the proper parties for proper resolution.

Success: Success is when you have researched industry comparable inbound fulfillment benchmarks and set FCP’s at or above those, communicated those benchmarks to DC staff, tracking and monitors those daily, and ensure that all employees are meeting benchmarked numbers. You have created a daily dashboard so productivity can be monitored and tracked easily. At the end of every day you are able to report the critical numbers of the inbound purchase orders in both Stock and JIT, as well as individual key performance indicators for each inbound employee.

Inbound Process and Key Metric Improvements

The Inbound manager responsible for improving all processes across all inbound functions. They ensure that the resources allocated are achieving performance targets and hitting daily milestones at an accuracy of 99% or higher. The inbound manager is responsible for observing and examining every inbound process to identify waste or inefficient. Responsible for implementing solutions through process enhancements or technology.

Success: Success is when you consistently evaluate all inbound processes for efficiencies to determine a better way. You demonstrate the ability to identify bottlenecks and provide both cost and efficiency solutions to the Manager. Once you identify solutions you show the strong ability to implement changes and streamline processes. You are relentless in your pursuit on how to do things better.  

Communication to Management & Fulfillment Team

Responsible for clear, concise, respectful and professional communication with my Floor Supervisor, Manager, Management Team and Executives whether in person, on the phone, email or live chat in compliance to the FCP Framework.

Success: Success is when I have developed a rapport, trust and relationship with all parties involved both clearly and professionally with the sharpest focus on the purchasing  team and areas that directly affect the inbound fulfillment process. I have the ability to convey challenges within my daily huddle and they are delivered by my manager in the management huddle.  Success is when I identify and communicate problems to the Management and Executive team.

Developing a Healthy Cross Departmental Collaboration and Relations

The Inbound Manager is responsible for improving productivity cross departmentally within the department, and with other key departments; IT, Customer Service and Products. Mining for and discovering issues, remaining in constant communication with all parties involved and scheduling routine meetings to collaborate, brainstorm and improve relationships. Actively maintains these relationships with clear, concise, and professional communication in accordance with the FCPEURO Framework.  

Success: Success is when I work seamlessly with IT, Customer Service and Products constantly improving service standards of inbound shipments to customers. Success is when we work collectively as a team to minimize issues both customer and non-customer facing, reducing bottlenecks and making improvements.    


The FCP Inbound Manager position offers a salary range of $65,000 - $90,000 annually.