DC Floor Supervisor

The Floor Supervisor is responsible for meeting the daily timelines and output established by Operations Management, coordinating a strong opening and strong close, cleanliness and organization of the DC, creating a positive culture and team environment in the Distribution Center, ensuring the quality and accuracy of all DC functions, ensuring and performing daily audits, investigating inventory issues and ensuring all reconciliations are complete. Liaison with shipping carriers for scheduling pickups (holidays). The Floor Supervisor is also responsible for implementing process improvements and acting as a liaison between the DC team and Operations Manager. Responsible for coordinating all Specialists and DC Associates throughout the day. Responsible for achieving and maintaining 99% accuracy.

Responsibilities and Requirements 

  • ollows and enforces all DC Operations Guidelines and DC Operations Timeline
  • Responsible for coordinating all Specialists and DC Associates throughout the day according to daily assignments and transition as needed
  • Must act with a sense of urgency 
  • Effective time management of themselves, as well as all DC team members  
  • Required to hit all timelines and milestones accurately and timely
  • Supervises the team by auditing, monitoring, price shopping and helping to improve all processes 
  • Supervises and performs work in all general functions of DC Operations Guidelines and DC Operations Timeline
  • Check in with key departments every 30 – 60 minutes (Inventory, Pick, Pack, Returns, JIT, Stock) , actively delegate resources throughout shift to meet objectives and milestones  
  • Expected to effectively communicate operation status with Operations Manager 
  • Act as the first line of defense for all DC related issues; any issues that can’t be resolved are brought to the Operations Manager 
  • Understand the Managers total responsibilities and work load to better appreciate where the decisions are coming from and why
  • Provide weekly formal feedback to DC Operations Manager on overall operation performance, constructive feedback on team members, areas for further development, suggestions and recommendations
  • Motivates and encourages team and keeps the DC culture positive 
  • Address all issues immediately that are not in accordance with DC Operational Guidelines and DC Operational Timeline and communicates those issues back to the Operations Manager
  • Responsible to check in with each DC employee as they arrive to ensure they are following the schedule
  • Responsible to ensure that the DC staff is following their schedules for lunches and breaks
  • Responsible for communicating with the Purchasing Team regarding any late “daily” shipments and allocating resources based on new timelines and end of day expectation etc. 
  • Expected to notify the Operations Manager whenever personnel issues arise on the floor 
  • Responsible for all QC line audits during your shift 
  • Assist in the training and re-training of employees regarding any and all DC functions
  • Expected to update all orders that are in your own personal review status leaving a comment as to the reason why it is in your status and clear them out daily by the end of your shift  
  • Responsible for acknowledging and responding to emails on a daily basis 
  • Responsible to ensure that any items on the inventory table are documented, person responsible has been notified (send an email etc.) 
  • Does not leave any issues unresolved at the end of shift and or notify the other Supervisor as well as the Operations Manager so a follow up can be made
  • Liaison with shipping carriers for scheduling pickups (holidays)