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Because of unprecedented growth, we’re expanding our company with new products and we’re growing fast!  With the right people, we’re convinced the next few years will be an exciting growth phase. To meet this challenge, we’re looking for a new addition.

What's the culture and personality at FCP Euro?

At FCP Euro, we’re not just the usual corporate jargon. We're big on hiring for chemistry, fit, culture, and compatibility, then focusing on the appropriate skills for each position. Here at FCP Euro our culture is huge!

Right now we’re in one of the most exciting growth phases in our history. You’re going to feel that urgency, fast pace, and energy if you become part of the FCP Euro family. Everyone has an opportunity to grow with us, especially people who show entrepreneurial spirit, ambition, and smarts.

Distribution Center Associate

The DC Associate at FCP Euro is responsible for performing all basic DC functions at the minimum standard pace hitting critical timelines. For processing orders accurately, timely, in the most cost effective way ensuring customer satisfaction. For processing inventory both JIT and inbound into the distribution center and ensuring proper locations and accuracy for optimization of space. You are working with and communicating to your team on a constant basis for optimal workflow ensuring it’s maintained throughout the day avoiding bottlenecks. You are responsible for hitting all critical milestones and key performance indicators.

  • Picking and packing products (selection and order picking)

  • Loading and unloading trucks

  • Operating shipping manifest systems for UPS/Fedex

  • Accuracy and Efficiently Processing and Receiving of JIT and Inbound stock

  • Accuracy and Efficiency of Order Fulfillment

  • Organization, Supplies and Cleanliness

  • Meeting or Exceeding Individual and Departmental KPI’s

  • Communication to Management

  • Developing Healthy Cross Departmental Collaboration and Relations

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Accuracy and Efficiently Processing of JIT and Inbound Stock

Responsible for processing both JIT and inbound stock accurately meeting daily critical timelines. Responsible for ensuring inventory is processed accurately, efficiently, as well as the presentation and space optimization while stocking out. This covers the inventory handling and processing it accurately, voicing all issues, concerns, patterns and trends to my manager.

Accuracy, Efficiency and Quality of Order Fulfillment

Responsible for ensuring that picked orders are accurately processed verifying location, item number, quantity, brand and quality of item packaging making recommendations to the Lead and Floor Supervisor for possible improvements. Responsible to ensure orders are properly packed reducing damages, price shopped for cost savings, labeled and stacked properly ensuring customer satisfaction.

Organization, Supplies & Cleanliness

Must maintain cleanliness of packing stations, void fill bins, envelope carts and under all rollers, picking supplies station and cart wall. Ensuring flipped bins, pulling stock forward and opening packaging while picking. Actively seeking ways to improve and optimize space and keep a clean safe environment.

Meeting or Exceeding Individual and Departmental KPI’s

Responsible for meeting or exceeding individual KPI’s on a daily and or weekly basis. Excelling in attitude, teamwork, ownership, productivity and reducing errors. Ensuring that orders are processed and fulfilled accurately and timely exceeding customer expectations. Responsible for stocking out properly and accurately and following processes and procedures. Responsible for causing the overall DC accuracy rate to increase and meet 99% or greater.

Communication to Management

Responsible for clear, concise, respectful and professional communication with the Leads, Floor Supervisor, Manager, Management Team and Executives whether in person, on the phone, email or live chat in compliance to the FCP Euro Framework.

Developing a Healthy Cross Departmental Collaboration and Relations

The DC Associate is responsible for improving productivity cross departmentally within the department, and with other key departments; Customer Service and Products. Mining for and discovering issues, remaining in constant communication with the Lead, Supervisor and Manager. Actively maintains these relationships with clear, concise, and professional communication in accordance with the FCP EURO Framework.


  • Minimum of 1 year of experience in a warehouse environment with pick, pack, shipping and receiving duties

  • Ability to pass proficiency testing for: basic Word, Excel, Gmail or Outlook, basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, calculating percentages), basic reading comprehension, typing accuracy

  • Strong oral and written communication skills including utilizing proper email etiquette

  • Commitment to company values, morals and ethics

  • Ability to control multiple priorities and projects in a fast paced environment

  • Effective attention to detail and a high degree of accuracy

  • Ability to work independently as well as within a team dynamic building effective relationships that motivate, encourage and support team members across the organization

  • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback, identify and address problems and offer solutions

  • Physical Demands: Must be able to lift packages up to 75 lbs; able to withstand strenuous pushing and pulling; able to withstand repetitive bending, twisting, stooping, climbing and extensive walking for 6+ hours

  • Candidates must be able and willing to work within the hours of 7:00 am - 7:00 pmMonday through Saturday.

  • ERP system and shipping platform proficiency a plus

We want to know what makes you unique and why you're the perfect candidate for FCP Euro so only applications with cover letters will be considered.

Job Type: Full-time

Starting Salary: $15.00 /hr

We look forward to hearing from you!