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Because of unprecedented growth, we’re expanding our company with new products and we’re growing fast!  With the right people, we’re convinced the next few years will be an exciting growth phase. To meet this challenge, we’re looking for a new addition.

What's the culture and personality at FCP Euro?

At FCP Euro, we’re not just the usual corporate jargon. We're big on hiring for chemistry, fit, culture, and compatibility, then focusing on the appropriate skills for each position. Here at FCP Euro our culture is huge!

Right now we’re in one of the most exciting growth phases in our history. You’re going to feel that urgency, fast pace, and energy if you become part of the FCP Euro family. Everyone has an opportunity to grow with us, especially people who show entrepreneurial spirit, ambition, and smarts.

Catalog Director 

The Catalog Director at FCP Euro is responsible for the long-term strategy, development, and execution of the catalog team, catalog operation, and catalog structure and accuracy.

  • Catalog and Catalog Team Architect
  • Develop FCP Euro’s Catalog into an Industry Leading Platform
  • Catalog Function, Operation, and Usability
  • Catalog Data
  • Annual Budgeting Responsibility and Overall Catalog Performance
  • Effective Operation Between Catalog and Other Back Office Teams
  • Critical Number Establishing and Reporting Establishing
  • Management and Development of Catalog Team Members

Success -  The Catalog Director has developed a comprehensive 5 year department plan, revenue and expense budget, is achieving revenue projections while reducing expenses as a percentage of sales. They have developed the makes represented by catalog managers into leading brands in their own spaces.

They regularly report on established critical numbers, and has fostered a cohesive, self-motivated, self-accountable, and autonomous team that executes the annual department strategy.  The catalog is clean, up-to-date and highly-usable. Brands, kits, and part types are added deliberately and in an organized way. Industry data is acquired, organized, and integrated without error.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Catalog and Catalog Team Architect

The Catalog Director at FCP Euro is responsible for working with the leadership and executive team to develop a 5 year operating plan for all catalog processes and functions.  This is to include all key numbers for the business - headcount model, revenue, costs, inputs, and outputs across all revenue generating functions. They are also responsible for benchmarking daily, weekly, quarterly and annual progress versus plan.

Success -  Has put a together a rolling 5 year plan that predicts and models future outcomes of the department, and has consistently benchmarked business results against the developed plan, constantly evaluating performance against plan and provide feedback to leadership and team. Presents plan to Executive leadership annually and modifies plan based on feedback and recommendations.

Develop FCP Euro’s Catalog into an Industry-Leading Platform

The Catalog Director is responsible developing FCP Euro’s catalog into an industry-leading catalog for the makes that we are servicing.  The catalog and applications are extremely accurate and reliable, and the information is up-to-date with current year listings that showcase all of our vendor’s current product offerings.

Success -  The catalog is used internally by all service team members for all functions rather than 3rd party catalogs.  Kit sales are generating more than 50% of our overall revenue.  When our vendors introduce new OE products, we are the first ones to get these listed into our catalog where they are relevant.

Catalog Function, Operation, and Usability

The Catalog Director is responsible for managing all catalog operations including VIO opportunities, brand coverage, kitting & merchandising, photography, navigation, and product data. They are responsible for ensuring the catalog is clean, consistent, and usable across all makes represented.

Success -  The catalog is extremely usable, with well-organized taxons, uniform descriptions, photographs and catalogs. The website is well-merchandised, including kits and sorting, with an annual market gap analysis performed, offering catalog opportunities for the upcoming year.  The product offering has been slimmed down to about 2 items per OE unit, and we are now relying on OE and OEM products making up a larger portion of sales than Genuine products.

Catalog Data

The Catalog Director is responsible for acquiring, parsing, and implementing industry data into the FCP Euro catalog. They are responsible for fostering and maintaining the relationships related to industry data and for ensuring the quality of the catalog after integration.

Success -  We have formed several close relationships with data providers, we have developed a system for integrating our acquired data in an organized, consistent way. The catalog team regularly participates in the evaluation of the quality of the data and the system maintains integrity after any implementations.

Annual Budgeting Responsibility and Overall Catalog Performance

The Catalog Director at FCP Euro is responsible for projecting target annual revenue numbers and disseminating them down to individual makes and Catalog Managers.

They identify key elements and resources required to deliver against the 5 year operating and strategic plan, developing annual budgets by make in conjunction with the catalog managers with quarterly targets - putting in place necessary technology, infrastructure, key personnel, and other key resources to deliver against that plan.  

The Catalog Director is responsible for conversion rate achieving projected revenue numbers by make.

Success -  An annual budget by make is in place which is organized and easily understood. This include all costs associated with the Catalog team (payroll, technology costs, such as VIDA, etc.).  Actual business results are benchmarked against weekly, quarterly, and annual plans - both informally and formally, constantly evaluating performance against plan and providing feedback to Leadership Team. Budget is reviewed annually and quarterly with Executive Leadership Team.

The Catalog Director is regularly achieving budgeted numbers and making daily improvements to the usability and quality of the catalog, with the team as a whole improving conversion rate.

Effective Operation Between Catalog and Other Back Office Teams

The Catalog Director at FCP Euro is responsible for fostering collaboration between the catalog team and other teams at FCP Euro, including and most notably purchasing, marketing, and service.

Success -  Has a proven ability to cross-collaborate teams producing results that are mutually beneficial and greater than what the individual catalog team would have produced.

Critical Number Establishing and Reporting Establishing

The FCP Euro Catalog Director is responsible for monitoring and measuring all key critical numbers across all Catalog functions, including but not limited to: revenue performance, profitability, expense, inquiry volume, catalog health & completion, returns,  conversion, and brand contributions. Catalog Director sends detailed, consolidated summary reports of all make performance on both financial performance and Catalog Manager performance on a monthly basis.

Success -  Establishes and knows all critical numbers past, present, and future for all makes. Frequently reports to critical numbers to company in a meaningful way that identifies areas for improvement and always has action items if numbers are falling short of target.

Management and Development of Catalog Team Members

The Catalog Director at FCP Euro is responsible for the development and management of all Catalog Department team members including scheduling, performance management, training and development, recruiting, off-boarding, and long-term career planning.

Success -  All Catalog team employees have 1. a clear job description and 2. a clear employment level position that defines success that is accurately and routinely assessed through a clear quantitative management system. There is proper scheduling that ensures coverage over holiday and PTO hours. The Catalog Director has low turnover and demonstratives the ability to hire team players, challenge, and further develop them.


The Catalog Director position at FCP Euro is an exempt position compensated between $70,000 - $90,000 per year.


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