Catalog Assistant

The Catalog Assistant at FCP serves as a strong supporting member of the eCommerce department reporting to the Director of eCommerce and secondarily to the Catalog managers.

Success -  The catalog assistant handles over 200 (or a percentage of inquiries TBD) customer inquiries per week, and relays catalog shortcomings or issues to the catalog manager on a weekly basis in the form of a weekly summary email covering all primary makes (BMW, Volvo, Porsche, Mercedes). Works effectively with catalog managers adding, modifying or removing listings at the request of the manager. Supports the inquiries and maintenance of all remaining makes that are not represented by a catalog manager. Has strong communication and written skills and and a an excellent working knowledge of the website back-end and ERP catalog features with a complete understanding of how to and the ability to safely modify any setting with a complete understanding of what it impacts.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Department Support

The FCP Catalog Assistant’s primary role is department support. The Assistant provides assistance on volume, product additions or modifications, creative creation, and inquiry support for all non-primary makes.

Success -  The Catalog Assistant answers the highest level of inquiries (200+ per week or an appropriate percentage of total inquiries) and actively pursues feedback about shortcomings in support (whether technical or personal) and addresses with the operations manager and Director of eCommerce. All non-primary makes’ inquiries are answered within 24 business hours. Actively maintains and effectively utilizes a collaborative product to-do list and can complete all tasks in a timely, organized manner with ample communication to all stakeholders. The Catalog Assistant also supports ad-hoc marketing, reporting and catalog-wide tasks.

Upholding FCPEURO Service Framework

The Catalog Manager at FCP is responsible for upholding the FCPEURO Service framework both internally and externally.

Success -  The rep achieves a rolling average of minimum 5/7 score on the FCPEURO service framework audit.

Catalog & Website Expert

The Catalog Assistant at FCP is a application expert with an extensive knowledge of both the catalog, website and ERP catalog functions. The Catalog Assistant sends an end of week summary email to all catalog managers regarding input on their primary makes and the feedback they hear from their customers.

Success -  The catalog manager can effectively and safely modify any product, or setting in the back-end catalog systems. Communicates reasons for changes beforehand and can roll them out with appropriate communication. The catalog assistant sends a weekly email summary with suggestions for catalog improvement based on customer feedback. When confronted with technical issues the catalog assistant is not disrupted but instead communicates the issues effectively and loudly and works around them.

Process & Performance Excellence

The Catalog Assistant is an expert in time management and can move through tasks and inquiry volume with exceptional speed and quality.

Success -  The fastest technical user at FCP, the Catalog Assistant is quick, active and eager to respond to requests and effectively uses hotkeys, macros, and shortcuts to move through heavy volume with ease in order to better support the Catalog Managers and the department. The Catalog Assistant regularly suggests new optimizations to make work faster for every task they touch.


The Catalog Assistant position at FCP is a non-exempt position compensated between $12 - $20 per hour ($24,960 - $41,600).